In the LOUIS

you are surrounded by delightful places

The most beautiful market in Munich is literally on the doorstep of the LOUIS HOTEL. It has existed since 1807 when it was known as the "Kräutlmarkt" (herb market) and was much smaller. As it grew over the years and became more and more extensive, the name changed to "Viktualienmarkt"


The LOUIS means

that you've arrived

There are places that exist only in our imagination. The scene in a novel or a story that someone tell us. Places that we do not really expect to find. And we are amazed when we do find one, because we have arrived in our own imagination. Where we belong.


In the LOUIS, you feel

a natural sense of relaxation

Handmade furniture in walnut and oak, natural stone and exquisite tiles reminiscent of the Paris metro, make your room an unforgettable experience. Natural rubber mattresses with finest bed linen made of mercerised cotton ensure healthy sleep and sweet dreams. Start the day feeling refreshed and energetic.


The LOUIS aims to

inspire your sense

Starting April 2019 | Our restaurant Emiko convinced with japanese cuisine á la Tokyo and wrote success stories. 2019 the restaurant scene changed. Rudi Kull and Albert Weinzierl continue doing what they are best at: following their instinct and creating something new – for the next 10 years. The EMIKO is followed by: The LOUIS Grillroom

Restaurant & Bar

The LOUIS stands for

appreciative awareness

Please don't take it as a sign that we're crazy, but as a sign of our appreciation for you as our guest when we say that we have sleepless nights over which bathroom tiles to use. Or when we argue for weeks over which cucumbers we should use for our Akori Gin & Tonic. We have agreed on Asaduke cucumbers, by the way!

Meetings & Events


Paris. Munich. Buenos Aires.

When opposites come together to form a harmonious whole, something rare occurs. In the Hotel Louis, fashionable Paris chic combines with high-quality grill aromas from all over the world and the vitality of the Munich Viktualienmarkt, alongside – or perhaps because of – the atmosphere of calm and relaxation throughout the hotel. When you stay here, you will find it both free and informal, stimulating and soothing.



We only see good with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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With Flair

Rooms have been created by designers with an eye for style, a trained hand and a great deal of flair, all of which convey that unique Louis lifestyle sensation. Handmade furniture in walnut and oak, natural stone and exquisite tiles reminiscent of the Paris metro, make your room an unforgettable experience. The exceptional design of the bathroom offers views of the spacious sleeping and living area, while the French balcony offers remarkable views of the leafy inner courtyard, St. Peter’s Church or the Viktualienmarkt.

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Experience winter time in Munich at the LOUIS Hotel and …



Enjoy either your leisure or your business trip directly in the heart of Munich surrounded by many shops, restaurants and important sights which you can easily discover by foot.

Book your room latest until 21 days prior to your arrival and receive 20% discount on the best available rate.


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Viktualienmarkt 6
Drive: Rindermarkt 2
80331 Munich

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